Help! They Want Me to Lead

Liz and Brock were asked to lead the small group Bible study. They found themselves in panic mode. Karrie was asked to lead the women’s Bible study. She immediate gave an excuse why she couldn’t. Many Christians are reluctant to lead.

As a young man, Moses wanted to help his people. He failed miserably. Then he ran away when confronted with what he had done. Forty years later, God wants him to lead. Now he is reluctant. His earlier failure had taken away the desire. God brought him to the point of willingness and enabled him to be a great leader. Some people had bad experiences in their past and have determined never to be in that position again. If God wants you to lead, put the past behind you and move forward. There is a reason for you to be in leadership when God calls.

For some, their reluctance may be their feelings of inadequacy. “I don’t know enough to teach.” “I don’t have the ability.” “What would I do?” These people often get the usual answer. “We will give you material that will guide you in the study and you will just lead the group. It will not be hard.” Good training of faithful people is necessary to build leaders. What God calls you to do, He will enable. Learn all you can and lead.

Many are reluctant to accept positions of leadership. It is God who raises people up or lowers them. If He is working in your heart to have you lead, do not resist. If He wants you to step down so others can take your place, go willingly. God will work in you and through you to accomplish His will. What does He want you to do?

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