I’ll Get to It

A man will get to a project around the house. He does not need to be reminded every six months. We have heard stories and jokes of someone being asked multiple times to do a project at home. Whether the stories are justified or not, projects are difficult. Some people do them easily and quickly. Others put them off till they are “ready.” I am one of those.

Getting ready to do a project, I need to have the proper tools. I study the particulars of what is required to fix or replace parts. Then I will look up a video on Youtube of someone demonstrating what I am going to do. Once I am ready, then I get to it.

As Christians, we must be ready to give an answer when asked of the hope we have. Some believe they need to be totally prepared before doing any kind of service. They need to be able to answer any question before they share Christ.

Whatever God calls us to do; he will enable us to do it. His grace is sufficient. He will supply the ability and provide the tools for the doing of it. There is no excuse for not walking with the Lord. There is no excuse for not going where and doing what He leads. You can do and be what He desires. He will provide all the necessary parts. We just need to let Him work in and through us at His will. Just get to it.

Now, I need to do a couple of projects around the house before I leave Friday. I have what I need and am ready to do it. Yes Jeneen, I’ll get to it. I love doing projects when I’m prepared. “You and me, God – Let’s go.”

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