May Prayer Letter 2015

Dear Friends,

God is good and every good and perfect thing in our lives has come from Him. He has worked through many of you to be a great blessing to us also. We thank you for your prayers and support over the past 20 plus years we have been in itinerant ministry. Some have asked how it is being on the road for that long. A fairly close comparison is the deputation ministry of missionaries. One difference is that we have a home and are able to go there to rest after each trip. It is hard to imagine how ministry would be without the home base.

Where we have been –

As we have said in previous letters, we are busy in our home church when we are home. In December, I started going through our discipleship book, “Steadfast and Stable” on Sunday nights. Last Sunday, May 3rd, we finished the last session. Since there are only seven sessions, this shows how little we are home. We continue to work with the college career group. I am also on the land and building committee. We hope to start building sometime this summer. Needless to say, we are busy at home too.

We have ministered with Rocky Mountain Baptist Church in Ennis MT while they are without a pastor. I have been there four Sundays so far. The Lord is working in this church. Please pray for them as they seek God’s man to lead them.

In March, Jeneen and I were in Pasco WA at First Baptist Church, where Dave Dillsworth is pastor. We had a Sunday through Sunday meeting where I focused on the goodness of God. It was such a joy to see how the Lord worked. God is definitely good!

We had great fellowship with the pastor and people at First Baptist.

From there, we went to the FBF northwest meetings in Wenatchee WA. It was nice to meet new pastors and to see old friends too. I was allowed to promote the discipleship book too.

In April, we went to Grace Baptist Church in Pendleton OR where Alan Chapman is the pastor. The Lord is working in this church. It was great to have one of their members come to Boise on business. Jeneen and I were able to have dinner with him and his coworker. We thank the Lord for the many friends God has given us through ministry in the churches.

Where we are –

Right now, we are in the LA area for our son Joe’s graduation with his master’s degree in Biblical counseling. He has been working on it for the past few years. It is nice to see him finished and ready to move in a new direction as the Lord leads. We hope to see a few friends in the area before we leave.

Next Tuesday, we will be in Phoenix and will attend a pastors’ meeting there. It will be good to see old friends and to make some new ones.

Future Schedule –

In June, I will be speaking at Camp Tishamingo in AZ. I look forward to working with this group again. In July we have a couple of backpacking opportunities in the Sawtooths and Boulder White Cloud mountains of central Idaho. I really enjoy the men’s backpacking camps. They are “soul refreshing.” Let me know if you are interested. August has two weeks in WY for men’s backpacking camps. One week will be with Redcliff Bible Camp Summit trails. We are scheduled to be in MT in September and in ID in October. The Lord has opened the doors for various ministries in the coming months. We also hope to be back in Ennis with Rocky Mountain Baptist Church. Busy times for us but we love it.

Books –

We continue to hear how the Lord is using the discipleship book, “Steadfast and Stable.” The testimonials are such a blessing. I continue to work on other studies along with a fiction book.

Peter’s latest book, “West for the Black Hills,” has been doing well in reviews and sales. It is the story line of God and Gun but from a new publisher with new scenes. His book “Gideon’s Call,” is still available and continues to get good reviews. It will be a solid book for years to come. Peter has two other books in the works. His greatest wish is for more time to write. He balances his day job, writing, being a husband, father, church member and other obligations as best he can. He loves doing and being it all. And I thought I was busy.

Thank you –

Thanks to all for your support in prayer and encouragement of what God is doing in and through Jeneen and me. We look forward to what is ahead and thank God for His goodness to us. May God’s goodness be seen by each of us every day.

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