August Update – 2015 Important

August 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have noticed the complete date in the title. I usually put the month and year. With the rapid changing events in the past two months, one day makes a difference in direction and planning. Things are moving quickly. The greatest changes are in family.

Family – Our son Chris resigned from the pastorate at Grace Baptist Church in Tempe AZ. The Lord led them back to Idaho. In July, they moved into our home on a temporary basis. In June, Chris noticed a growth under his arm. He started to get it checked in AZ but they recommended he make his move then get it checked. As of now, he has been through several steps which have resulted in a biopsy. The results came in Wednesday the 5th.

Here are Chris’s words –

“Today we received the results from the biopsy. The results were not what we had expected nor what we had hoped. The lump under my arm is melanoma cancer that has spread from somewhere else. They are not sure where it is coming from since I have no outward lesions or unusual moles. The next step is to find what stage is the cancer.

We are so thankful for all the prayers and outpouring of support and concern. We are not in despair or in any way losing heart. It is difficult to express how God has shown his graciousness to us over the last month and a half. We find our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving to God.

I think today is the first time I can barely begin to grasp Jesus’s words: “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done.” May God’s will always be done for it is always good.”

The results were a shock to all of us. We know it is not unexpected to our God and that He will work. We have already seen several things happen in light of the news. Chris told the church where he was a candidate to be their pastor that he has a new ministry. His doctor, who is a Christian, said his ministry now is to himself and his family as he battles the cancer. This is very serious.

I was in WY on a men’s camp when I received the news. I came home the next morning. We are praying and supporting each other through this time. There are many questions and steps to be taken in the days ahead. Please pray for Chris and Michelle. They have many logistical steps to take along with the medical cares.

On top of all this, this Friday, the nephew of the young man who was backpacking with me, passed away. He was one year old. Please pray for the Lavorante and Meuser families. We pray for God’s comfort and grace to be seen through all these things.

Ministry – We have been in several churches and two weeks of camps in the past couple of months. We also had been through two weeks of the backpacking camps. Because of the family situations, I am unable to go to the Red Cliff summit trails camp next week. Jeneen and I are hoping to be able to go to Jeffers MN later this month for meetings there. We have a meeting in Dillon MT in September. We trust the Lord to plan our days and trips. Of course, those plans can change in a moment’s notice.

Prayer – Please be in prayer for us. We do not know what is ahead. The Lord does and we trust Him to guide us through each day. Please pray for Chris and his family. This has hit us all quite hard as he just turned 37 in July. Please pray for the Meuser family in their time of loss also.

Information – We will try to keep everyone updated on the events of our lives. We are on Facebook and try to keep up dates there. Please friend us if you would like. Michelle and Chris are also setting up a Care Bridge page for updates.

God is working. Yesterday I was able to give the Gospel to a man and he listened intently. I pray the Lord will give more contact with him and we will see him come to Christ. May God be glorified in and through all our lives.

Thank you – We want to thank you for your prayers and for your support of what God is doing in and through us. May God work greatly. Thank you.

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