Spring 2014 Prayer Letter – April 4th

Dear Friends,

News – God is working in many areas in us and through us.
• Jeneen is still dealing with her Interstitial Cystitis but she is having some good days. Thank you for your prayers. She is going to try traveling on some close to home trips in the coming months.
• Jeneen’s mom has been dealing with pneumonia and some heart issues. Twice she has been in the hospital, followed by time in our home till she is recovered enough to be at her home. It is good Jeneen has been here to help.
• We have some exciting news about the new discipleship book. I just signed a contract with JourneyForth to publish the book. They are a part of BJU Press. This is huge step toward getting the book published. We will let everyone know when it is available.

Where I have been –
• In February, I went to Valley Baptist Church in Eureka MT to do a Sportsmen’s Banquet and have some meetings. It was a great time with Pastor Matt and Juanetta Schrepfer and the wonderful church family. Praise the Lord for the building where they are meeting. They also own land and are looking to build in the future.
• It was great to be in Iowa again at Berean Baptist Church in Pella. They have a new pastor, Bruce Thompson. It was good to see the church family and friends there. God is working in and through this church.
• From there, I went to Grace Baptist Church in Pendleton OR where Alan Chapman is the pastor. God is using him there. We had a good revival there and it was evident God was working. It was good to see old friends and make some new ones.

What is ahead –
• Resurrection Sunday, we will be going to Pocatello ID to be at Pocatello Baptist Church for this special day. Many of you know and have been praying since they lost their pastor due to a snowmobile accident. Please continue to pray for Leslie Deatherage and the family. Pastor Colan Deatherage is being missed. They need God’s comfort.
• The next Sunday starts meetings at First Baptist Church in Upton WY where Pastor Randy Fowler ministers. I will be at First Baptist Church in Hulett WY the next Sunday.
• In May, I will be heading down to AZ for a Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church where Troy Lohmeyer is pastor.
• After that meeting, I will be heading to Grace Baptist in Tempe where Chris is the pastor. It is always nice when he invites us down to minister with him and the church family. We enjoy seeing the grandkids while there.
• In June, we are taking a group from our church to Fairbanks AK to minister at Pioneer Baptist Church in North Pole. We will do a work project and a VBS in the evenings.

Thank you for your prayers. As you can see, we have been and are keeping busy. During all of this, we found out we have hail damage on our roof and have turned it in to insurance. They are going to put on a new roof and fix some other damage. Praise the Lord.
Please keep praying for us as there are many things ahead. I am picking up a new writing project too. I am preaching and teaching at our home church in between meetings. Thanks again for your prayers and support of what God has called us to do.

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