Update from the Leavell’s – Winter 2014

Dear Friends,

As a boy in Wyoming, my brothers and I built many forts and clubhouses. We would use whatever materials and tools available whether we were in the mountains or along the river. We built some great forts and had some wonderful adventures. Even now, when I go backpacking, I enjoy setting up camp as best I can. As I was thinking about this the other day, I realized the building of forts was a pattern of the Christian life.
When we are saved, God gives us new life in Christ. He also gives us all the tools to build and experience that life. We all have different circumstances and situations in life. With the tools and ability God has given us, we are to build. We are accountable for how we build. As we grow in Christ, it is nice to look back and see the building. Jeneen and I see how God has built our lives. We have taken the tools and grace He has given and used it to build. We are thankful for His grace to us.
All Christians have the tools to grow in our new life in Christ. May God bless each of our lives as we build with what He has made available to us. Grow in grace and knowledge.

What we have been doing –
We had a good trip to Alaska. What a privilege it was to speak at the installation service for Pastor Aron Schrepfer at Pioneer Peak Baptist Church. We had good meetings at Immanuel Baptist Church and Hamilton Acres Baptist Church. Even though it was cold in Alaska, we had warm fellowship around the Word of God.
I have continued to write. The discipleship book is with a publisher and they are going through the steps toward publication. It has required me to do some more work on the book. I am excited to see what will happen.
Jeneen has been quite busy with her mom. She has been in the hospital and moved in with us to recover strength. After a few weeks, she was able to move back to her home. Since then, she has had some more spells but not quite as bad. Thankfully, we were home and available.
While home, we continue to be active in our church. I am a deacon and on the land and building committee. We are actively seeking God’s will concerning erecting a church building in the near future. Jeneen and I still work with the college and career singles in our church. We have such a great group. They sure keep us on our toes.

What we look forward to doing in the future – Lord willing –
In February, we are going to Valley Baptist Church in Eureka MT. We start with a Sportsmen’s Banquet and then have meetings at the church. We look forward to working with Pastor Matt and his wife Juanetta Schrepfer. We then head to Iowa for meetings at Berean Baptist Church in Pella. Please pray for them as they are voting on a new pastor soon.
The first part of March, we have meetings at Grace Baptist Church in Pendleton OR where Alan Chapman is the pastor. In April, we will be with Pastor Randy Fowler in Upton WY at First Baptist Church. May, we plan to be in AZ. June, we are planning on taking a group from our college and career class to do a work project and VBS at Pioneer Baptist Church in Alaska.
There are some weeks available if churches are interested. We are excited about what is ahead. The Lord is working. I thank the Lord for what He is doing. Our home church keeps us busy when we are home.

Special Prayer Requests –
• Please pray for the meetings and the Lord’s working in hearts.
• Please pray for the publication process to go well.
• Please pray for Jeneen’s health as her interstitial cystitis is flaring up after being dormant for many years.
• Please pray for the churches without pastors, especially McGrath Road Baptist Church in Fairbanks AK.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We certainly need them. Only God produces fruit through us which remains. May God bless each of you as you walk with Him. We are blessed to have you as friends and joint heirs with Christ.

Your Friends in Christ,

Monte and Jeneen Leavell

One thought on “Update from the Leavell’s – Winter 2014

  1. Found you, my old friend. Thinking about our 1977 hunt… I miss my dad, he passed in 2007. You have been busy for the Lord, I see. Hope to hear from you! My site is not as developed. :o( Give me a call (315-427-5731).

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