Destructive Behavior

It is interesting that in the homosexual community one partner cheating on another is a bad thing.  In the Biblical sense of marriage, God calls it adultery.  God said to stay away from adultery, knowing that it would be destructive to those involved even to the point of breaking relationships. It is also hurtful to those close to the ones involved, sometimes even splitting families apart.

While the homosexual community accepts adultery is wrong, they cannot disregard other of God’s admonitions.  Consent to one commandment means we agree with God.  To say one teaching is good but not the rest is not an option.  We either accept that God knows what He is talking about or we reject, saying that He does not.  For mankind to judge God’s commandment is to say God is accountable to us and not the other way around.  The real condition of all mankind is we are accountable to Him for all His commandments.  Do we want to become the judge of God’s commandments, saying one is good and one is not?  Such behavior demonstrates the epitome of arrogance.

A society that embraces a destructive behavior or relationship will bring destruction on itself.  It is inevitable.  The question is when and how bad will it be.  No matter what the Supreme Court could say concerning adultery, it is still destructive.  No matter what they say about gay marriages, they are still sin in God’s eyes and a harmful relationship to those involved.  If the law of the land says it is legal to steal or kill one another, does that make it right in God’s eyes.  Sin will always be sin and is hurtful to those actively involved.

The good news is to all mankind; God offers forgiveness.  Jesus Christ paid the price for our sin on the cross.  He then conquered death by rising from the dead, showing that the debt of sin has been paid.  The offer of salvation with the forgiveness of sin is available to all who will come to God His way.

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