Prayer Letter – March 2013

Leavell’s Prayer Letter – March 2013
Dear Friends,
The greatest relationship we can have during our lifetime is with God. All other human relationships pale by comparison, no matter how good they are. The reason I say this is because all of mankind is flawed. When my wife married me, she received an imperfect man. Before you feel sorry for her, realize that she is imperfect too. All of us have to admit, we make mistakes. But in our relationship with God, it is perfect God with imperfect man. God always acts rightly towards us. His love is pure. The way he deals with us is impeccable. There is no other relationship possible with such potential. Understanding who God is and how He works should deepen the intimacy of our life with God. What a privilege we have to share with others our God who loves each of us and enables us to have a relationship with Him.

The last part of January, I was in Pella Iowa for two Sundays at Berean Baptist Church. They are without a pastor. Please pray for them to find God’s man. Jeneen and I were able to attend the Christian Writer’s Guild Conference in February. It was inspirational for both of us. Two publishers expressed interest in the new discipleship book. One has already responded that they cannot use it at this time but they really liked it. Looking forward to how God works. We have only 38 copies of the old book so we will need to do something in the near future.
We went to Faith Baptist Church in Cheyenne WY for a Sunday evening service. It was great to see Pastor Miller and his family. The next Wednesday evening we were at Berean Baptist in Pella IA. We always enjoy the people there. While going through Iowa, we stopped by Faith Baptist Bible College. It was nice seeing friends. On Friday, I was in northern Minnesota for the Men’s Retreat while Jeneen stayed at Sauk Centre. After speaking three times there, I went to Sauk Centre where Jeneen and I stayed for ministry Sunday through Sunday at Faith Baptist Church. It was a blessing to be with Pastor Ron Hemsworth and family. They have a wonderful church family. We really enjoyed our time with them.

April 7th, we start meetings at Rapid Valley Faith Baptist Church in Rapid City SD, where Ralph Silcott is pastor. The next Sunday we will be at Bethel Baptist Church where Marvin Jones is pastor. We have the 21st of April open on the way back to Idaho.
On the 10th of May, Jeneen will be speaking at the Ladies’ Banquet at Pocatello Baptist Church in Pocatello ID. Please pray that God will use her as she is with the ladies.
We leave for South Africa on May 14th and will return the 12th of June. It will be good to see everyone and minister in several churches. Jeneen and I look forward to being there again. This will be my third trip there. I look forward to doing a ministry leadership training time too. God is working in South Africa.

Normally we do not share needs for finances. We pay for our foreign trips out of the monies we receive. So far, we have saved enough to cover my trip and expenses. We have some for Jeneen but she still needs to raise about $1500. If you would like to help her, please let us know. Please pray for God to provide.

This summer we are working on a couple of trips. We have some options so if you are interested, please let me know. Men’s Backpacking Camps are always soul-refreshing.

A special thanks to all who pray for us. God protected us as we traveled through the winter. We missed a couple of major storms by just hours. God’s working and leading was so obvious.
The spiritual blessings have been exciting. One great blessing we have seen is the people who are sincere in their desire to walk with the Lord. The depth of conviction and changes in people’s lives are exciting. Pray for God to work in us and through us. Thank you.

Your Fellow Servants,

Monte & Jeneen Leavell

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