These are Exciting Times – Really?

These are exciting times. Routines have changed, jobs have been lost, and families have been forced to stay within their homes with minimal interaction with others. Characterizing these times as exciting will make some wonder if I have lost my mind due to this isolation. No, my faith is increasing.

Looking at the world events, who would have put this scenario together? Maybe a science fiction author would write about it; some have. But we are living in incredible times. Changes are happening rapidly to the world economy, societal structure, political systems, and international thought.

Stepping back from my daily life and looking around, I am excited. We have the privilege of being a part of God’s plan. Just ask the questions. Why now? Why is the world of mankind reacting in such a way to this virus? Why such a shutdown of the world economy and social structures? Why such a call for world leadership to combat the virus? Can we not see that God is working His plan and things are getting closer to the prophecies put forth in His Word? We are watching and experiencing God working His plan.

Just let God work and be faithful with what He puts before you.

Some have said of this virus, “It’s the judgement of God!” I point to Romans 1:18 and ask, “When did God stop revealing His wrath against ungodliness?” Sometimes it is more obvious than other times but we still live in a world filled with evil. God’s condemnation against sin has not changed. We are thankful for His provision of salvation through Jesus Christ. But while we live, we will see death, disease, famine, evil, and corruption in the world. God’s wrath against ungodliness is clearly seen when we look.

So, taking off my mask, I entered the house. After being at the store getting a few necessary items to keep us through the next few weeks, I washed my hands. Even though I had used hand sanitizer after getting into the car before heading home, I still needed to wash to be sure. Then I took a shower after putting all my clothes in the washing machine, ready to be washed. Maybe I overreact. Maybe I don’t. I’m sure everyone has an opinion on that subject. But I must do what the Lord sets in front of me.

My wife has bronchial issues, my mom has severe respiratory problems, my mother in law has excessively damaged lungs, and of course, I don’t want to get Covid-19. My dad said after one of his strokes that during it he could not breathe for a bit. He said it was the worst pain ever and he would rather die than go through it again. My dad dealt with pain all his life and to hear him say that affected me. It is not death we fear but the process of dying. I hate seeing others go through pain.

I’m thankful for God’s salvation that there are better days ahead for the believer. While we are still here, we live in a world where the wrath of God is revealed against sin but not like it will be in the future. For the believer to die is better, going to a better country, having mortality swallowed up with the life that comes from God, corruption putting on incorruption, being with the Lord, experiencing His goodness forever and new heavens and a new earth where righteousness dwells, no more evil. What a day that will be! If you are not sure how to know you will be there, please contact me. I can share how God provided the way for us to not experience His wrath forever but to have forgiveness of our sin through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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