Leavell Trails – April 2019

Dear Friends,

While getting ready to write a ministry update, I searched for the last newsletter we had sent. It was a shock to realize it was in December. I thought we had sent one in February. Since I have a Facebook page at Monte Leavell and am keeping it updated with what we are doing, I have neglected to write an update to everyone. For regular updates, please “like” our Facebook page, Monte Leavell. Because it has been a while, this letter will be a bit longer, filled with information.

Where we have been –

In January, Jeneen and I were in Faith Baptist Church in Nyssa OR. Pastor Doug Sondergaard and family were traveling, visiting family. It was nice to be back at this church. The next week I was able to go to a pastor’s conference in Florida with our home church pastor, Jeff Estes. It was encouraging and they focused on disciple-making. It was good to hear from other men what God is doing around the nation.

February started with us at Grace Baptist Church in Delta UT where Bob Oswald is their new pastor. It is so encouraging to see what God is doing in the church and we praise the Lord for giving the church such a good pastor and family. We went to Pendleton OR to be at Grace Baptist Church where Alan Chapman is pastor. We had great meetings there. It is exciting to see what God is doing.

March found Jeneen and me in AZ. We were able to spend time with our son Joe and his family. We also saw some pastors and many friends during our stay. We went to Kingman to be at Calvary Baptist Church. We enjoyed connecting with the church family and their new pastor, Clinton Morris. From there, I went to CA to Victory Ranch Camp to speak for the Spring Men’s Retreat. Since I am scheduled for three weeks of camp this summer, it was nice to see the camp and spend time with the staff. What a joy! I look forward to ministry there this summer. I enjoyed getting to know the director, Paul Cayot. Kristi Carter, Steve and Joann’s daughter from AZ is also on staff there. It was good to see the Carters and to reconnect with missionary Don Fountain too. From there I went to Brawley CA to be at Western Avenue Baptist Church. The church does not have a pastor. Please pray for the church in Brawley.

After coming home, our church had a business meeting to vote on an Associate Pastor. The church unanimously voted to call Phillip Kliewer (Clever). We are excited to have him and his family a part of our church family at Fellowship Baptist Church.

What is ahead –

On April 21st, Resurrection Sunday, we start meetings in Chewelah WA at Chewelah Baptist Church where Dan Cleghorn is pastor. We will be there through Wednesday evening the 24th. From there, I will be going to Friendship Baptist Church in Thayne WY where Jay Sprecher is pastor. Starting the 29th, I will be speaking for the WY Foundations Baptist Fellowship and NWBM regional meeting at Grace Baptist Church in Kemmerer WY where Richard Hartman is pastor. I look forward to the fellowship with those able to attend. From there, I will be at Grace Baptist in Rock Springs for Wednesday evening. It will be good to see Pastor Hodgs and the church family again.

In May, Jeneen and I are planning on a trip to OR and WA in May. We will be visiting several churches and pastors. We hope to see many friends and to hear what God is doing in the churches. We have a couple of new pastor friends we want to see.

Men’s Backpacking Camps –

This year, we have a different trip planned for June 3rd through the 7th. It will be snowy in the high country so we will camp in a campground and do some day hikes. A group from AZ is coming for that week but let me know if you might be interested. We are also planning two other trips in August, 12-16 and 19-23.

Camps –

This year, I will be speaking at Victory Ranch Camp in CA. It will be for three weeks. I am excited to a part of the ministry there. The Camp Director, Paul Cayot has been a part of the ministry there since 1981. It will be nice to work with him and the staff at the ranch.

Our home church camp is August 5th-10th. I hope to get back for part of it too.

Fall Meetings –

The fall schedule is coming together. We have some open spots but will already be in WA, AK, UT, and CA. We are excited about what the Lord is doing.

Thank you –

Jeneen and I want to thank you for your prayers and support. God has been working in and through the meetings. It is a joy to serve. Thank you for your part in the ministry the Lord sets before us.

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