Happy New Year?

I woke up this morning thinking about the New Year. We want to look forward with anticipation of good things. It’s not the case for many people. We have friends who have recently lost loved ones, some facing medical issues, some in the last days of life on this earth. We know others who face issues at work, family relationship problems, and situations that require drastic measures. For all of us, this life comes with difficulties and trials. So, can we really wish someone a Happy New Year?

Hope! We hope for good things for ourselves , for our families, friends, and for everyone. Yes, we can wish everyone a Happy New Year. There is hope that the events of life, difficulties, and trials will turn out well.

The source of good in this life and eternity is God. In Him there is hope. Even as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is with us and we will never be separated from His love. There is much heartache, sorrow, pain, and suffering. But there is also love, joy, and peace.

Just because I wish you a Happy New Year does not mean that I don’t care or realize you are facing difficult issues in life. I wish for you to know the joy, love, and strength to endure that comes from our God. So no matter the circumstances, yours or ours, may each of us experience love, joy, and peace this year. There is hope in the Lord.

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