Learning From Your Children

P1030052“A wise son makes a glad father.” Today is special because it is the birthday of our son, Peter. When my wife and I were married, we did not think of how many, nor even if we would have children, but God gave us three sons who we lovingly refer to as “the boys.” Peter is the oldest of the three. As a father, it is a blessing to see your sons grow into wonderful young men, developing in wisdom and knowledge.

Peter is a student, teacher, husband, and father. He is a reader, writer, and an award-winning author. He continues to grow in knowledge and wisdom as he journeys through life. I may be his father but I still look to him for the wisdom God has given. It is great when you have sons who teach their dad. I think that comes from them being wise-guys.

Today is your birthday, Peter. I want to write from my heart how glad I am to have you as a son. I post it here because I want everyone to know how blessed I am as a father. You are a gift from God to bless my life. Thank you, Peter, for being the man God wants you to be.

I will be going to you for your wisdom on the book I am writing. Your insight into the writing world is valuable. Just as important is your wisdom and knowledge in walking with God; the subject of the book I am finishing. Hopefully God will give us days together in the future to make this book the best it can be for the Lord.

Happy Birthday, Peter! You are a wise son. I am a glad father. Today, I honor you for your part in the wonderful life I live. I love you, my son.

(You may want to edit that part about the wise-guys. It may not come across the way I intend. Just saying.)

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