Messages From Mowing the Lawn

How many sermons have been written while mowing the lawn? When I was pastoring my first church, I would gladly mow the lawn. I enjoy making the property look nice. While sitting on the riding lawn mower, I had lots of time to think. During those times, I would meditate on some of the passages I was studying. That time became valuable to me. Things would come together during my thought. Yesterday I was doing some yard work at our home church. The time to meditate was enjoyable.

How many pastors have experienced the same thing? I have talked with several who said they enjoyed mowing the lawn. They have found it a good time to think through passages or a particular subject. It is a time when they can focus without interruption.

Yes, I believe some messages have come from mowing the lawn. Study of the Scriptures must happen before the meditation time. Without the input, there is nothing to meditate upon that would bring forth a sermon.

Do you enjoy mowing the lawn? If you are a pastor, how many times have messages come together while meditating when doing something like yard work? Is it the yard work or the meditation time which is important?

While you ponder these thoughts, I am going to mow the lawn and meditate.


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