Our April 2018 Ministry Update

Certain things remind a person they are getting older. Children have birthdays and you remember when you were that age; wasn’t that just a couple of years ago? We cannot control the progression of time. We do try to negate the impact time has upon us. We want to slow the deterioration of our bodies. We seek the youthful look. We try to maintain our physical conditioning. Yet with all those efforts, time marches on. I wonder if the Psalmist was thinking about this when he prayed for the Lord to teach us to number our days. These thoughts emphasize the value of each day the Lord gives us on this earth. There is purpose for today and it comes from the Lord. Today is a gift.
Jeneen and I have been busy in what the Lord sets before us. Jeneen has been dealing with some health issues the past few weeks. We are starting to get some answers. She traveled with me some in March and it was a blessing. Her mom has been doing somewhat better, enabling Jeneen to get away a bit.

Trying to miss the winter storms, I went to Montana to be at Temple Baptist Church where Todd Saseck is pastor. It was a great time of fellowship with the banquet and the services. In March, I spoke at Central Baptist Church in Pomona CA. We had a family conference. The Lord was working in the services. Pastor Tom Smith and his wife are faithfully ministering there. The next Sunday, Jeneen and I were able to spend with Calvary Baptist Church in Kingman AZ. They are still seeking the Lord’s will in finding a pastor.
The first week of April, I was in Hulett WY at First Baptist Church for the Northern Plains Fellowship meetings. Pastor Jim Palus and the church family were wonderful hosts. God has been working greatly in the church. They recently finished a beautiful addition to the church. The fellowship with the pastors and people was such an encouragement. From Hulett, I traveled to Grand Junction, CO for some meetings at Liberty Baptist Church. First, we had a youth rally on Saturday, followed by meetings on Sunday and Monday. It was nice to meet Pastor Eric Turner and to be with the church family. They have a nice group and God was working in and through the meetings. I am looking forward to what the Lord will do there in the coming days.
Next, I will be in Kent, WA for Galilee Baptist Church for their 75th anniversary. I look forward to seeing Pastor Hicks and the church family. The meetings will continue through Wednesday the 18th of April. From there, I am heading to California to be with Grace Baptist Church in Sonoma where Timothy Brower is pastor. The first part of May, I will be in Pendleton OR for meetings at Grace Baptist Church where Alan Chapman is pastor.
The trip to South Africa is coming together for the last of May till coming home the 26th of June. I look forward to being with the people and the churches there. Please pray as details care worked out for the trip.

Response to the blog has been wonderful. I continue to write articles, trying to get at least one on it per week. A few of the articles have received many views. The one about why I use the phrase, “You and me, God – Let’s Go,” continues to be read. The address to the blog is monteleavell.com.
The Facebook page also continues to grow in likes and follows. I started the Facebook page for ministry and posting about new articles on the blog. I have been writing posts about current ministry and travels also. If you want to keep up with us on a current basis, please consider liking the page. It has been helpful already. The Facebook page address is simply Monte Leavell. Jeneen and I still share our Facebook account at Monte-Jeneen Leavell.

Jeneen and I would like to thank you for your prayers and care for us. You are an encouragement to both of us. Many have contacted us recently and we greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.

In closing, we do not know how long we have on the earth. Time marches on. Jeneen and I look forward to what the Lord has in each day He gives us. Today is a gift from God for Him to work in and through us as He sees fit. We want to be available for Him in whatever He would have for however long He wants. He gives the grace and the strength for the day. May you continue to walk with the Lord and seek Him as He works in and through you.

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