Implied but Not Directly Stated

In John 15 Jesus gives the importance of abiding in Him. Verse 7 then gives the first fruit of abiding. We will see answers to prayer. In the passage, there is no command to pray. It is an implied concept. In verse 5, Jesus said that without Him we can do nothing. Understanding that truth, we are dependent upon Him. Dependence is expressed by prayer. If we need God, we pray. It is not stated but is implied in the passage that we would be people of prayer. This is why the first fruit listed is answered prayer.

Another place where an implication is made is Hebrews 11:6. The verse says that it is impossible to please God without faith. It is not stated but a desire to please God is assumed. How many people have a desire to please the Lord? Even among Christians, it is not always evident. How does the desire come into a life?

The desire to please comes from a relationship. The rest of verse 6 gives two reasons for the importance and basis of a relationship with God. The first is that He is who He is. The second is that He rewards those who are sincere and earnest in seeking Him. There is great reward to those who walk with the Lord. Faith is required in this walk. It is not unfounded faith. God is who He says He is and His rewards are evident in the life of a believer.

As we study the Bible, there are many implications. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians a concept he repeated many times. “Don’t you already know this?” We are to think as we study the Word. The Holy Spirit guides us in the study. We will see how things so easily fit together and we will know. Don’t overlook what is implied. But don’t put in implications that are not there either. It is important to study correctly and come to right decisions and views.

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