Boulder Hopping My Thoughts

Hiking in the mountains is one of the most satisfying activities I do. Some places there are no trails because the mountain side is covered with a boulder field. To get through you jump from one rock to another. This is called boulder hopping.

Backpacking 2010 Boulder Hopping

Thoughts run through my mind. To move from one to another is very similar to boulder hopping. Just as the rocks are various sizes and shapes, my thoughts vary. Some are of beautiful places or events while others take the form of fear or concern. My wife has said that I process things very quickly. Well, I guess this is the way God made me. Isn’t it a stark realization that other people do not think the way we do. It was for me anyway.

My mind jumps from one thought to another with boulder hopping precision. I multitask. I have found the way I think to be both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it makes learning new things easy. It is a curse because when talking with people, sometimes I can be two hundred feet ahead jumping through new territory. It can give the impression that I am not listening or don’t care what people are saying. But I am listening and I do care.

Part of my desire to write is because it forces me to be on subject and focus rather than move quickly through my thoughts. I can write short little pieces of a boulder before I move to the next. I like this format. It fits my mind and thought process. I can address an issue and then jump to a completely new subject. It is boulder hopping through my thoughts. Some may say it is easy for me to boulder hop because there are rocks in my head. And please, no comments about adult attention disorder. Anyway, back to the subject on hand. We are all made differently and have various learning aptitudes. The key is to be what and who God has made you. Find out how you think and learn. It will help you in life disciplines.

Enough about this, I’m jumping to another boulder.

2 thoughts on “Boulder Hopping My Thoughts

  1. I can relate to this. I can grasp things quickly but I can’t always tell you how I got there. I practise , ” not thinking about my response” because I often am way ahead of where we are in a discussion. My mind jumps to, “what is or this would be ” results that others don’t see. I believe the Lord has allowed me this ability but I had to learn to direct and make use of it in beneficial ways. Thank you for sharing. I like the concept of “boulder hopping”.

    1. For the believer, it is always true that we want the Lord to control our actions and reactions. To think quickly is a blessing. We can gauge our actions and reactions quickly and choose the better course. The Lord leads us to the right direction as we let Him control our thoughts. I always say, let God work in you and through you. Thanks for responding to the article. Nice to know we are not alone in our thought patterns.

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