Prayer Letter from September 2016

            The summer has passed.  We are seeing the weather change.  I even traveled through snow on the last trip.  It seems a little bit early but then again, it is September.  As I reflect on the summer, it went by too quickly.  Most of us would say, “I had more I wanted to get done before winter came.”  There is always more to do but I am thankful for what was done.

Where We Have Been –

            The Lord gave us many opportunities for ministry this summer.  We started with Chewelah Baptist Church in Chewelah WA.  They had a reunion Sunday along with meetings.  The Lord is blessing Pastor Cleghorn and the church. 

The five weeks in Alaska were such an encouragement to Jeneen and me.  We started by speaking at the BMM field council meetings in Big Lake at Independent Baptist Church.  It was nice to reconnect with the missionaries, who are faithfully serving the Lord in Alaska.  Next, we went to Immanuel Baptist Church for a Sunday through Sunday meeting.  Pastor Ben Burtch also had me speak for the home school graduation.  We always have a great time with the folks at Immanuel.  The next week, we went to Fairbanks to be in two different churches, Pioneer Bible Church and Hamilton Acres Baptist Church.  We went to Pioneer Peak Baptist Church in Palmer where Aron Schrepfer is pastor.  Senior High Camp at Higher Ground Baptist Bible Camp was the last full week we were in Alaska.  We finished up with a Sunday meeting at Anchor Point Baptist Church where Jim Haning is pastor.  The trip was so packed with good things that it is difficult to describe them all.  God blessed greatly and we praise Him for it.

Coming back to Idaho, we immediately started preparing for the men’s backpacking camps.  The group this year was very special.  God gave good weather and quality people to be on the trip.  Travis Gossett has been a big help in keeping the camps going.  The trips are soul refreshing for the men.

In August, I had the privilege of going to Kingman AZ to be with Calvary Baptist Church.  They are without a pastor at this time and are seeking the Lord’s will for a new man.  Please pray for them as they search.

I recently went to Cody WY to see some pastors and friends.  It was a good trip.  As I described it to a friend, it was tiring but I felt refreshed inside; another soul refreshing time.   

            Along with these ministry opportunities, I spoke twice in our home church and been teaching some.  Needless to say, the summer went by quickly.  We also had Michelle and the grandkids with us in Alaska for a while.  There were special days with them too. 

 What Is Ahead –

            The 27th and 28th of September, I will be speaking at the Northwest Baptist Missions annual conference, to be held at Grace Baptist Church in Elko, NV.  Ron Ehmann is the director of the mission and Aaron Young is the pastor at Grace.  I look forward to sharing with the faithful missionaries.  There will be many who attend the meetings.  If you are nearby and interested, you can go to the Northwest Baptist Missions website for information.

            Right now, I have two churches without pastors where I am trying to be a help.  Please pray for wisdom as I meet with the leadership and speak in the churches.  We really need more men in the pastorate.  We need men who are balanced; who will preach the Word and love the Lord and people.  Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into the field. 

 Prayer Requests-

1.  Praise the Lord for the wonderful summer.

2.  Praise – Jeneen’s health is doing better and we are getting more answers.

3.  For God’s will to be done in the meetings.

4.  For the churches without pastors. 

5.  For a new group seeking the Lord’s will about starting a church. 

Thank you for your prayers.  We had a great summer and look forward to a good fall.  With all the busyness, we did not get much writing or painting done.  We hope to do more this fall along with the ministry opportunities the Lord sets before us.

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