July Prayer Letter – 2013

Dear Friends,

It is amazing what the Lord has done these past two months.  The trip to South Africa from the middle of May till about the middle of June was fantastic.  There were opportunities to preach and teach in five different churches and at the ministry leadership training conference.  There were great discussions about the Lord, salvation, and how to best live the Christian life.  Another highlight is working with Phil at the Serenity House.  It is a rehab facility and the residents often have questions during the hour long sessions.  Jeneen and I talked with a lady at a church one Sunday morning who made a profession of faith.  What a joy to see God working in the churches there.

We also had two young men from our home church come to South Africa the last part of our trip.  They were impressed with the people and churches.  Randy Lavorante took many pictures and wrote a journal of the trip.  He posted them on our Facebook page. The dates are the first part of June.  If you are not a “friend” yet and would like to be, let us know.  It was nice to have Randy and Jason join us for the last part of the trip.

What can you say about another amazing trip to South Africa?  I am thankful to those who have made it possible for Jeneen and me to minister there.  We hope the Lord will give more opportunities in the future.

Currently, I am in Fairbanks Alaska, working with Pioneer Baptist Church and McGrath Road Baptist Church.  It was a special blessing to speak at the celebration of the new auditorium of Pioneer Baptist Church in North Pole.  God has done a wonderful work in and through the people to bring this project to completion.  Pastor Marshall Hamilton and the church family are a blessing to work with.  I will be here till the 25th of July.  Last Sunday evening, I spoke at McGrath Road Baptist Church.  I will probably do so again this next Sunday.  Pioneer does not meet in the evening on Sundays, leaving me with the opportunity.  McGrath Road Baptist is without a pastor.  Please pray for them as they continue to search for God’s man.  It has been about a year now.  I know of three churches we are close to that are without pastors.  There is a need for good men to care for the churches.  Please pray for churches without pastors.


I will continue to preach, teach, and fellowship with the people here in the Fairbanks AK area till I go home the 25th.  The next activity on the schedule is the Men’s Backpacking Camps.  The first one is the 3rd of August through the 10th of August.  We will be going to the Cody WY country for this trip.  It is where I spent my childhood.  Jeneen and I also spent the early part of our marriage there before leaving in 1981 to finish college.  I look forward to sharing the beauty and uniqueness of the area with the men.  We also hope to catch some fish.  It is always a great time fellowshipping around God’s Word in the beauty of His creation.  It is “soul refreshing.”

I have one more trip planned for our college career group but am open for at least one more during August.  Let me know if there is some interest in a trip into the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

In September, we have scheduled a special trip back to Tulare, SD where I will be speaking at the 50th anniversary of Bethany Bible Baptist Church.  This is the church where Jeneen and I were first in the ministry.  I pastored there from 1983 till 1990.  They have a very special place in our hearts.  October, the 6th through the 13th, we will be in Gilbert AZ, working with Southeast Valley Baptist Church where Joel Tetreau is pastor. We look forward to seeing what God will do there.  After the meetings there, I will be speaking at a Men’s Retreat at Casa Grande and then the next Sunday at Victory Baptist Church.  November we will be starting meetings in Alaska with Immanuel Baptist Church.

As you can see, God is keeping us busy.  We certainly enjoy serving the Lord where He puts us.  It is such a blessing to work with the best people in the world in the churches God is building.  We are thankful to be a part of the work of the Lord.


It is God who both works in us and through us.  Without Him, we can do nothing.  Please pray for God to work mightily.

May God bless.  Thanks for praying.

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